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Product Placement

    Nollywood Advertising

Products Placement in Nollywood Scripts, Costumes and sets for a global audience.

Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry is the second largest employer of labour in Nigeria after Agriculture and is reportedly the second largest film industry in the world after Bollywood, the Indian movie equivalent. The Nigerian film industry reportedly creates as any as 100 Nigerian films every week ensuring that the industry has become the biggest reach media for Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian movies across the world.

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'The continual splintering of distribution platforms is making it imperative for distribution companies to figure out how to get closer to consumers. To reach attractive demographics in the increasingly digital and mobile environment, we’re seeing a significant number of organic and inorganic investments aimed at combining distribution with video content.' - PWC

The How? 

We  have multi-year exclusive agreement with major Nollywood producers enabling us to implement carefully scripted product placements and other advertising within movies supporting the delivery of your shared brand objectives.

  • We will review with your Brand Manager the story line, scripts, imageries and other elements of selected movies ensuring that your brand and corporate images are fully protected at all time 
  • We will implement all the diligence on the story, language, costume, and actors ensuring that brands are presented in the most positive light 
  • We will insert your brand, and or corporate elements appropriately in a very subtle and directed manner communicating your desired objectives