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The Diagnosis

Ask the tough questions

To be competitive starts with internal strengths, clarity of strategies and a business rhythm that works. To be confident that you have a winning sales organization, it is critical to ask the following questions:

  • Do we have a winning Sales Strategy?
  • Is our sales planning process an enabler or a blocker?
  • Are our frontline personnel clear on management decisions, and expectations?
  • Are our frontline personnel clear on what to do and how to do it?
  • Do we get on-time information on market activities?
  • Are we clear on what drives performance?
  • Are we clear on who is performing, and why?
  • Is our cost of doing business optimal?
  • Do we meet our monthly and quarterly S&OP forecasts.

If you cannot answer these questions, call us and we will run a one-hour meeting to with your commercial leadership team to discuss your performance blockers openly 

Our Approach

Work with organizations to set-up a Sales Organization built on trust

We will run proper diagnostics using systems, process and business diagnostic tools to isolate the core issues impeding your performance, the gaps in your processes as well as the weaknesses in your commercial strategies and approach to market . 

The diagnostics will: 

  • Put the Sales Strategy to test and also review the alignment of the organization on key short and long-term priorities.
  • Review your entire sales organization, and evaluate alignment to Strategy.
  • Test the line of sight of strategies and organization priorities from Commercial 
  • Combine external insights with internal knowledge and realities to identify issues root-cause towards generating actionable solutions
  • Review aligned coverage plans, frequencies and strike rates.
  • Review performance management process and rewards

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