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Distributor Management


There is a science to selling goods and services in any market.
  • Are you constantly struggling with trade out of stock?
  • Are you struggling to collect money from your trade partners for sales made?
  • Do you even know if your trade partners are simply doing other businesses with your cash?
  • Are you stifling your business cash flow by leaving money in trade?
  • Are you constantly pushing inventories to trade?
  • Do you have to constantly withdraw expired stock from trade?
  • Can your distributors represent you at that trade show?
  • Do you have data on your distributor sell-out and coverage?
  • Are your distributors underselling or taking inventory all over the country
  • Is your company committing channel stuffing?
  • Are your products stored and handled properly in trade?

You can only win for 2-3 max before sharp trade practices destroy your business model and your company survival

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Our Approach

Keep it simple, Stay Rational

Our approach is to enable you run a sustainable and credible business model that guarantees consistent returns and enables your organization stay compliant with business reporting requirements.

  • We will articulate the right number and type of trade partners for your business size and your growth plans
  • We will jointly agree the working capital implications and work out a model for trade financing that takes the pressure away from your company cash flow
  • We will build an operating model for managing your distributors
  • We will build a capability matrix for developing your distributors and their team members
  • We will build a model that ensures your inventories are properly stored in trade
  • We will activate a winning machine around your distributors
  • We will show you where the gaps are in trade and help you fix them

Our retained consultants have built commercial machines in this market and are positioned to move your business from GOOD to GREAT

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