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Route To Consumer

The what?

What is the size of the opportunity or the market?

Whatever your business is, you need to answer some of these questions: 

  • What is the size of the market?
  • Where are your customer?
  • How is the opportunity spread?
  • Where is your competitor playing?
  • What is your current market share?
  • Where are the organic growth opportunities?
  • What are the weaknesses in your current distribution?
  • Where is your leakage coming from?
  • Where are you bleeding to competition?

We leverage research, insight, expert opinions and market knowledge to accurately quantify the size of the opportunities. We will also show you the market dynamics and position your business strategy against the realities of the market. 

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The How?

How do you reach and fulfill the needs of the market, profitably?

We will build on our knowledge of the size of the market to help you answer some of the following critical questions central to your business survival:

  • How do you structure the market or the territories?
  • How does that affect the structure of your commercial organisation?
  • How do you structure your team to optimize the market opportunities?
  • Where do you focus 20% of your best efforts to get 80% of your results?
  • Where do you deploy your best talents?
  • What tools do you equip your teams with?
  • How many regions and territories should you have?
  • How do you grow your distribution?
  • How many more vehicles should you inject into your sales force and when?
  • What is the optimal market share and distribution target that you should deploy to your sales force?
  • Where should Customer Marketing focus their promotions effort for the big festival coming?

If you can answer these questions on your own while still chasing your sales for the year, good luck!

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